One of the housing opportunities which appears likely to change under the new Auckland Unitary Plan is for Minor Household Units (MHU). We think MHUs play a big part in meeting Auckland’s social and housing needs. They allow dependent relatives to live close by family but retaining their independence; and they also provide lower cost housing for options for many people, with very few adverse effects.

In late 2016 the new Auckland Unitary Plan will become operative, and the previous district plans across Auckland will expire. Rural landowners with unprotected significant native bush and wetland areas need to consider whether to take up their subdivision options now under the Rodney or Franklin sections of the district plan, or wait for the Unitary Plan rules.

The proposed Auckland Unitary Plan was publicly notified for formal submissions in September 2013, with submissions closing in February 2014. Just over 9,000 submissions were received, covering around 100,000 points.

This was followed by a Further Submission period, which closed in July 2014 with 3,500 further submitters.